CRAM Collective

Once upon a time there were four little girls who all grew up to be four very different artists with four things in common:

They’re creative, they’re intuitive, they like a good wax, and they can pick a good steak knife with the greatest of ease.

*Individually we may be very different creatures, but together we are CRAM. This is our collective statement and we’re sticking to it. Read it with a sense of humor.

If you don’t have a sense of humor read it again. Now go fix yourself a good steak.

For a good time, call 1-800-CRAM

Crystal Marie

Crystal Marie is a Mixed Media Artist drawn to the broken, cast out, and overlooked items of the past. She sees beauty in the mundane, brings new life to forgotten objects, and finds the process of salvaging old materials and creating new art to be therapeutic and healing. As her work evolves, a more complete understanding of why she does what she does and chooses to use materials that others see as trash comes to light.

Rebecca Stahr

Rebecca’s paintings often feel like imagined emotional inner landscapes. Her works are born out of a larger contemplative practice rooted in experiencing the sacred connectedness in our natural world, the beauty of impermanence and the cycles of life and nature. The paintings becomes a record of that journey and as well a path of healing and deeper understanding of the beauty of humanity’s imperfection.

Amanda Jolley

Amanda Jolley utilizes the process of intuitive painting as a communicative device to express the patterns and metaphors emerging from her subconscious. Amanda’s mediums of choice include both encaustic painting and paper folding which she incorporates into this intuitive process. A staple in her work has become the use of embedded line-work as an expression of internal symbols and mimicry of the creases produced from paper folding. Amanda’s paintings are shown internationally both in solo and group exhibits. She also has a large-scale (12×6 sq ft) commissioned permanent installation at the University of Kansas Medical Hospital. She instructs and hosts workshops that draw an international audience from her studio in Kansas City MO US.

Melissa Hall

Melissa T. Hall is a narrative photographer/artist based in Lexington, Kentucky. Feeling something was missing after starting a career in computer science, she returned to school in Florida to study studio art and photography. Hall thrives on setting up elaborate photo shoots in dilapidated, abandoned locations. She employs models, vintage clothing, and various props to craft her stories. Her work is completed by combining her photography with encaustic medium and oil paint. Hall’s motivation is to expose the beauty in the midst of ruin.

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