Crystal Marie Support Fund Items

The fundraising site, GiveButter/CrystalMarie, is a necessity for collecting funds for Crystal without jeopardizing her Disability application. We are grateful for the site while acknowledging it can be difficult to scroll through the items. Listed in separate galleries below are all the items that have been donated by our artist community in support of Crystal. We’ve added this here for easier viewability, but the items will need to be selected and paid for on the Give Butter site.

Many of the offerings shown here have already been purchased outright. Please see the fundraising site, GiveButter/CrystalMarie, for an up-to-date view of what remains. Raffle tickets will be accepted until mid-August with the raffle announcement on Aug 18.

And a reminder that ALL the funds go directly to support Crystal, even the entirety of raffle ticket funds, so get those raffle tickets!

For best viewing, click on the first image in the gallery category and scroll through the items with the side arrows.

For more information about the items, click the information icon the bottom right corner (a small circle or square with a lower case i).

To exit the gallery, click in the UPPER RIGHT corner. This is another imperfect system as the little ‘x’ to exit that view doesn’t always appear.

Note: you may notice some of Crystal’s work has been included. All her work represented here is part of the CRAM Collaboration as part of our Transcend:Distance project.

List of contributing artists with website links. Go check out their amazing work!

Jan Avellana 
Shary Bartlett
Michelle Belto
Dominique Briggs

Missy Brownson
Natalie Dadamio
Michelle Hayden
Scott Jolley
Gina Louthian-Stanley
Nikki May
Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Lora Murphy
Jodi Ohl
Lesley Riley
Susan Stover
Lisa Tarbox Visel
Judy Wise
CRAM Collective – Crystal, Rebecca, Amanda & Melissa
Melissa T. Hall
Amanda Jolley
Rebecca Stahr


Art Books
Spiritual Direction

Raffle* (Items include Artwork, Website Audit, and Video Courses)

*Encaustic artwork will be shipped once it can be insulated against temperatures under 40°F and over 80°F. We are estimating mid September.

Art Books


Videos/Online Courses & Supplies

Spiritual Direction

Raffle items

including Artwork, website audit, and online courses

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