Transcend: Distance

Four artists gathered in one studio for a week to reignite their creative fires in January 2020. That week brought them more than just the annual dose of creative renewal they were seeking, but a bond that began as individual connections from their common artistic journeys, deepened into something each was reluctant to release as their retreat came to an end. 

Transcend:distance began as a way to remain creatively connected across the miles as each artist returned to their own homes, a round robin of art-making. Little did they know that a worldwide Pandemic was on its way and what began as a fun activity among friends would soon become such lifeline of connection through the season of social distancing and mandatory stay at home orders. 

Beginning with four blank panels, each artist simply created from their own well and style of making, then mailed one panel off to each of the other three artists. A new set of four blank panels was begun with each round, but with each round the collection of works received from each other began to influence the materials, colors, themes, and energy of the new works. 

After four rounds of four panels, the original concept for the round-robin was complete, but the desire to continue the connection remained. Thus, the making of another round, this time a complex web of art making and exchanging on 6” panels with a goal of 64 total. 

A complex web of creativity and connection that transcends the distance of heart, body, and mind. An illustration of the interconnectedness that reaches across time to include the whole of all of mankind. 

Published by Rebecca Stahr

Chicago artist working primarily in oil/cold wax and encaustic. I love finding beauty in the ordinary and lessons in impermanence of life and nature.

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